LIVE Consortium Agreement

The Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Master Degree “Leading International Vaccinology Education” (EMJMD LIVE) is coordinated by the university Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 for a network of partners composed of:

  • (Partners A) 5 main partners which are the universities delivering the Mutiple Degrees of the LIVE programme:
    • (UCBL) Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Coordinating University) represented by M. Frédéric FLEURY, President (FR)
    • (UJM) Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, represented by Mrs Michèle COTTIER, President (FR)
    • (UA) University of Antwerp, represented by M. Alain VERSCHOREN, Rector (BE)
    • (UAB) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, represented by Mrs Margarita ARBOIX ARZO, Rector (ES)
    • (UB) Universitat de Barcelona, represented by Maria R. CALLEJÓN FORNIELES, Vice-Rector for International Policy (ES)
CA-draft 2015: Following the approval of the LIVE programme by the European commission, Partners A will sign in 2015 a "Consortium Agreement" previously written together.
  • (Partners B) 31 international associated (with PIC number) and 16 supporting (without PIC number) partners, distributed worldwide:
    • (HEI) Higher Education Institutions: 7
    • (Clin_Res) Clinical and/or Research centres: 15
    • (BPC) Big Pharma Companies: 6
    • (SME) Small and Medium size Enterprises: 7
    • (Org) Health Organizations: 12
Their Letters of Commitment
Partners  wrote letters of commitment to explain their duties and interests
 LC-Partnership 2015 
to participate in the LIVE strategic partnership aimed at creating this initial education in the field of Vaccinology.

Updated 2015/09/06