The S1 programme (30 ECTS)

For a specialisation in immunology and immunopathology, the LIVE students will learn in Spain in the Master called “Advanced Immunology” co-accredited by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) & Universitat de Barcelona (UB).
The S1 programme is composed of:

  • 8 core scientific courses : 
    • Dynamics of innate and adaptive immunity (3ECTS), 
    • Functional anatomy of the immune system (3ECTS), 
    • Antigen recognition (3ECTS), 
    • Receptor signalling (3ECTS), 
    • Mechanisms of immunopathology (3ECTS), 
    • Autoimmunity (3ECTS), 
    • Immunodeficiencies (3ECTS) and 
    • Immune response to pathogens (including HIV and Malaria) (6ECTS)
  • Language course (3 ECTS

It is possible on this site to sign up for the course “Training course in laboratory animal science” in addition to the LIVE programme. 


View details on each teaching unit : 


Updated 2015/09/19