The S4 programme (30 ECTS)

LIVE students will be trained in close collaboration between one of the organising HEIs (UAB, UB, UA, UJM or UCBL) providing the academic tutor and the professional partner who will host the student for his internship and provide the professional tutor. The programme is composed of:

  • a Master thesis (27 ECTSin vaccinology: evaluation will be subdivided into four parts for 
    • bibliography report (10%), 
    • professional laboratory work (10%), 
    • written thesis (40%) and 
    • oral defence (40%)
Each national Master team will take care of the evaluation of one third of the students for evaluation of the bibliography report, the professional work and the Master thesis, in agreement with standard coordinated organisation and guidelines. The steering committee will organise a mini-symposium to conduct the oral defence evaluation with all main partners and involvement of associate partners who provide internship topics. Credits are completed with 1
  • standard or e-learning language course (3ECTS).

The students of the LIVE will have the opportunity to be trained in project management, languages and SSH related to vaccines. LIVE is also built to develop the ability of the students in the use of digital supports to gain and distribute knowledge (flipped class, digital evaluation, e-learning), but also to interact with social & professional networks (e-Portfolio building) and to respond to public questioning around vaccination (MOOC building).


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 Updated 2015/09/19