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Amal Therapeutics (Switzerland)        

Amal Therapeutics SA is a Swiss biotech start-up company and spin-off from the University of Geneva. Amal Therapeutics was incorporated on September 3rd, 2012. Amal uses its proprietary cell penetrating peptide platform to develop and progress therapeutic vaccines in oncology.

Cancer Vaccine

Cancers belong to a group of diseases characterized by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that can also have the ability to invade healthy tissues. Dependent on the cancer type, patients can be treated with a combination of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and more recently immunotherapy. Immunotherapies include all treatments where the immune system is modulated, such as passive immunotherapies, immuno-modulators, adoptive transfers and cancer vaccines. The latter must be differentiated into two distinct approaches: prophylactic and therapeutic cancer vaccines. Prophylactic cancer vaccines are administrated to protect the healthy people against the development of a cancer. In contrast, therapeutic cancer vaccines are administrated to cancer patients in order to strengthen the capability of their immune system to recognize and kill tumor cells. Amal Therapeutics receives EU funding for the development of a new glioblastoma vaccine. 

Instituto Butantan - Centro de Biotecnologia (Brazil)        

Vaccinations are essential resources for individual and public health. By immunization can prevent infection and prevent various diseases spread of the area. They act by stimulating the body to produce its own protection (for example, production of antibodies) disease. It is the most effective way to control and even eradicate disease.

The Butantan Institute is responsible for the production of important vaccines: diphtheria vaccine adsorbed, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) vaccine adsorbed diphtheria and tetanus adult (dT), adsorbed diphtheria vaccine and infant tetanus (DT), adsorbed hepatitis B (recombinant) vaccine, trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine (inactivated and fragmented) and inactivated rabies vaccine (VR / VERO).

New vaccines into the national immunization schedule from private partners technology transfer agreements with the Ministry of Health and the Butantan Institute:

  • HPV, in partnership with MSD - for girls of 11-13 years
  • Hepatitis A in partnership with MSD - for children up to 1 year
  • Tdap in partnership with GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) - mom

ABL - Platine (France)        

Platine Pharma Services offers a wide range of immunomonitoring applications for the healthcare industry. These services cover both preclinical and clinical development phases of drug candidates and are primarily, but not exclusively, directed to immuno-modulating therapies, such as vaccines or monoclonal antibodies. Based in Lyon within the Center of excellence in Infectious Diseases, Platine Pharma Services is an essential source of immune information for scientists and clinicians. From protocol support to regulatory reports, the company designs, performs and interprets complex molecular and cellular assays highlighting key immune markers in both normal and pathological conditions. This information guides healthcare professionals in their decisions at each step of the development of prophylactic or therapeutic drugs against cancers, infectious and inflammatory diseases. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as multi-parametric flow cytometry, Luminex®, Mesoscale Discovery®, ELISpot or ELISA, Platine Pharma Services offers multiple immunomonitoring solutions, including dosage of circulating soluble factors/biomarkers, phenotypic and multifunctional characterization of leucocyte subpopulations, measurement of specific immune responses to a given antigen.

Stallergenes Greer (France)      

For 50 years, Stallergenes is specialized in the treatment of severe respiratory allergies, such as severe rhino conjunctivitis and rhinitis as well as allergic asthma.  With a total workforce of  1 100 employees, Stallergenes is present in 18 countries and distributes its products in more than 50 countries. A true research-based company, Stallergenes annually devotes close to 18% of its turnover to Research and Development and is actively involved in the pharmaceutical and clinical development program Stalair®: pharmaceutical specialties that form a new therapeutic class covering 80% of respiratory allergies. A biopharmaceutical laboratory specialised in allergen immunotherapy, Stallergenes is now world leader on the sublingual immunotherapy market with average annual growth of 14% since 2000. Stallergenes' goal is to manage patients suffering from a severe form of respiratory allergy which is poorly controlled by symptomatic treatments and offer them an effective solution for treating and controlling their disease. Every year, almost 500 000 patients benefit from laboratory treatments, which curb progress of the disease. Innovation is part of the Stallergenes heritage. To meet the needs of patients, Stallergenes calls on its specific know-how and an unwavering commitment to R&D with over 20% of sales ploughed back in every year.  The group began developing a major therapeutic solution in 1992: treatment by the sublingual route (solutions for application under the tongue). Today, Stallergenes is pushing ahead once more by proposing an immunotherapy treatment by tablets for facilitated management of patients. Registered as proprietary medicinal products, these treatments represent a new therapeutic class. A key player on its market, Stallergenes has set itself the goal of working alongside healthcare professionals to advance management of severe respiratory allergies and achieve long-term improvements in quality of life for allergic patients. 

Transgene (France)       

Transgene is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that designs and develops cutting-edge immunotherapeutic products to treat cancers and chronic infectious diseases. Our expertise covers all stages of product development, from research to the manufacture of clinical batches, and the conducting of clinical trials. Four products are currently in clinical development: TG4010, JX594/TG6006, TG4001 and TG4040 in phase II trials. The company has a number of exclusive and innovative technologies using viral vectors. Its proprietary gene transfer technology is protected by an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights. For over 25 years Transgene has built on its recognized scientific expertise. Today, we are a major player in the field of immunotherapy.

Valneva (France)    

Valneva is a fully integrated, commercial stage biotech company focused on developing innovative life-saving vaccines. Valneva’s portfolio includes two commercial vaccines for travelers: IXIARO®/JESPECT® indicated for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis and DUKORAL® indicated for the prevention of cholera and, in some countries, prevention of diarrhea caused by ETEC. The Company has proprietary vaccines in development including a unique vaccine against Lyme disease. Valneva has operations in Austria, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and the US with over 450 employees.

Virbac (France)       

Founded in1968 inCarros close to Nice by veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick, Virbac is dedicated exclusively to animal health. With a turnover of €695 million in 2012, the company ranks today as the 8th largest animal health company worldwide. Its wide range of vaccines and medicines are used in the prevention and treatment of the main pathologies for both companion and food-producing animals. Over the last forty years Virbac has become a recognised expert in the sector, offering products and services that combine quality, effectiveness and convenience for care providers (veterinarians and animal owners). Present in more than 100 countries the company has more than 4,100 employees. Quoted on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1985 Virbac has remained a family company, not only as regards its shareholding but also through its management principles, its culture and its company values. International presence has been an integral part of Virbac's strategy since the very beginning. Starting in 1978, group expansion abroad speeded up progressively in the 1980s and then in the 1990s. Today Virbac is present in all 5 continents, with around 85% of its sales made outside of France.

Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH (Germany)          

VPM offers tailor-made consultancy and services based on in-depth experience in development of biopharmaceuti-cal candidates. In addition, VPM acquires promising candidates from academic research and develops them in co-operation with a pool of partners to products with a high value potential.

The company was established in August 2002 following an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to promote the German market by funding vaccine development. This initiative aims at establishing Germany as a leading location for vaccine research and development.


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