LIVE Associated Digital Platforms


Claroline (Belgium)             

Claroline Consortium is an international non-profit association that develops and available to all, free software that allows schools, universities, institutions, companies or other organizations to deploy a platform for learning and collaboration onlineUnlike proprietary software, Claroline Connect is supplied free with source code freely allowing the use of the platform, his study, modification and dissemination modified versions, according to the LPG motor V3 license. The first version of the platform, launched in 2001, was quickly met with worldwide success translated into 35 languages and is used in more than 5000 institutions in over 100 countries worldwide. Claroline has also received several awards including, in 2007, the Unesco for the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in education.

Claroline Connect is a new version, aims to meet the purpose of today. More connected, more in tune with the needs of users, it is based on a pedagogical model based, placing the learner at the heart of learning. Developed by teams located in the heart of universities or colleges, mainly in Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve) and France (ICAP Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Grenoble) the Claroline Connect platform is already functional. This digital platform has been designed to develop MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). 

iCAP & SPIRAL Connect (France)             

Unique in France, due to its scope as well as its innovation and success on the field, iCAP is a joint service of the University of Lyon 1, whose main objective is the modernization and improvement of the quality of teaching. With his experience, his multiple skills, openness to emerging technologies, iCAP stands today as a national and European leader in digital learning and services.

The iCAP Service provides teachers educational platform SPIRAL Connect (Interactive Teaching Server Learning Resources Lyon 1), which is constantly evolving according to their needs and those of students: 


iCAP also provides the teacher all its know-how in the following areas: educational support, evaluation of teaching, ICT and educational training, training of trainers, video, print and web graphics, photography, management of educational projects, IT development, web animation, 3D creations, augmented reality.

Spiral Connect has recently joint the Claroline consortium to build a new joint platform called Claroline Connect, which is now ready, optimized for current web browsers and written in HTML5. Spiral Connect and Claroline Connect are accessible and compatible with the new web standards to foster MOOC development.

HSeT Foundation (Switzerland)              

The Health Sciences eTraining Foundation, HSeT, is a non-profit organization created in 2006 and dedicated to web-based learning and teaching activities in the field of health sciences. HSeT provides Customized On Line Training (COLT) which improves learning outcomes by providing tailored learning experiences as well as mapping student’s individual progress at every steps. COLT is well suited for the type of training required to build skills and competence as well as acquisition of knowledge.

The mission and aims of HSeT are:

  • to develop web-based training programs in the health sciences
  • to create eLearning opportunities that support innovative face-to-face workshops in industrialized and developing world settings
  • to promote cooperation among national and international organizations committed to building global public health capacity through training.

Updated 2015/10/24