Coming to Barcelona - Long-term Spanish VISA

Here you will find some key answers to the most frequently asked questions students have before starting their study period in Spain. Please notice that this information is just indicative and might be subject to changes at any moment.

LIVE students from cohort 2016-2018 are expected to arrive in Barcelona .... ; an information meeting will be held with LIVE Local Academic Coordinator for UAB, Prof. Paz Martinez shortly after.

#1 Before departure: get a long-term Spanish visa

European citizens

Students who are citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland are not required to get a visa for Spain since they already have the right to residency, nor they are required to apply for a residence permit.

Non-European citizens

Non-EU citizens coming to study / work (for a work placement) are required to obtain a student visa. Note that this also includes non-EU spouses and dependents. Despite the enlargement of the EU, the Schengen zone and general harmonization of regulations regarding movement within the EU, it is important to understand that most visa issues are under competence of national states, and therefore there are no single regulations and requirements for all European countries. Visas are managed by the Spanish Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) through its consulates and embassies around the world.

You must apply for and obtain your visa through the Spanish consulate nearest to your residence before you travel. You can find your Spanish Consulate here

Personal appearance at the Spanish Consulate is required in order to submit the documentation. Since visas are never issued in Spain, you must apply for it before you leave your country of residency. Do not attempt to enter Spain without a visa if you need one. There is no emergency procedure, your embassy in Spain can’t help and you will probably be refused to entry.

Generally, you should apply for the visa at least two months before the expected date of departure. You must first have a valid passport with at least six months until expiry in order to apply, so be sure to allow adequate time to obtain or renew both the passport and get the visa application processed. Don’t leave this to the last minute or you put your travel plans at risk.

For the application you must contact the nearest Spanish Consulate to your residence. They will provide you information about the requirements for the student visa; it may change depending on the country. It is essential to have an admission letter from the LIVE program. If your staying will be less than 6 months, the visa provided will be Type D Student visa valid for 180 days (Studies D until 180 days) and once you are you don’t need to do any other procedure.

For information only, documents usually required for the student visa are (this should be confirmed by the Consulate previous to your request):

The law on foreigners is constantly being amended, and it is therefore very important for future students to contact the UAB International Welcome Point before your arrival so that you can be informed about possible changes of the law.