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Connected for Life            connected for life.png

The LIVE family is rich of students, alumni, academic and private employers, scholars and lecturers. This network continues to grow each year also through specific international activities organized by the LIVE family which are the VaxInEu Symposia and the LIVE MOOC.

The first social event foreseen for the students joining the master is the integration week organized in Lyon. It is the first step of networking to discover all the students, and then will come the next steps:

  • courses and mobility in at least three countries, fostering contacts with distinguished scholars and lecturers
  • partner site visits
  • participation to the summer school on vaccinology
  • MOOC creation
  • participation to the VaxInEu Symposium
  • and finally a 6-month joint venture with one of our partners during their internship.

The e-learning digital platform used during the LIVE Master provides a numeric space for the LIVE students to build their e-Portfolio, which is a mandatory and monitored digital activity of the LIVE programme. Students trace their own learning experience and keep privileged links on this e-Portfolio, according to their activities in the LIVE family. Digital access is maintained after the LIVE programme.

Graduated students can remain connected to the LIVE family for life, participating to related LinkedIn professional groups and social Facebook groups (e.g. Alumni, VaxInEu Symposium organization, LIVE MOOC designers, LIVE MOOC users) or following on Twitter.

Actors of a digital world that they learn to master during the LIVE programme, LIVE students make grow the LIVE family and they transform the power of this network of multidisciplinary expertise into concrete professional actions related to vaccinology during and after their studies to establish their entrepreneurship.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021