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      LIVE Associated Partners


A total of 60 Associated or Supporting Partners from 22 countries (11 partner countries) are involved in the LIVE Consortium. The LIVE partners can be classified in five categories:

  • (HEI) Higher Education Institutions: 10
  • (Clin_Res) Clinical and/or Research centres: 21
  • (BPC) Big Pharma Companies: 9
  • (SME) Small and Medium size Enterprises: 9
  • (Org) Foundations and other Health Organizations: 11 
Please click on the logo below to download the booklet:
You will find an updated description of the LIVE partnership in the booklet of the 2021 VaxinLIVE e-Symposium organized by the LIVE Consortium:
  • pages 20-21: Main partner universities awarding the credits
  • pages 22 to 49: Associated and Supporting partners are described by their logo, a few lines and their website address
  • pages 50-51: Table of the 60 Associated or Supporting Partners

We thank the  Gold Partners  having provided full scholarships for international students of the LIVE Programme: 

Updated on Aug 15, 2021