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Application Results 

The current LIVE Master students continue to increase the LIVE family who started with the first hosted students from September 2016.
MyLIVE  is the online application system to apply for the Master LIVE.

What happens next?


Ineligible applicants are immediately informed by email after the eligibility checking. Information on the appeal procedure are provided in this email: if the applicant does not agree with the decision, (s)he may appeal this decision in writing, timely providing the necessary details to the mailbox before a deadline that is usually set 15 days after the eligibility result.

All appeals have to be signed and endorsed by the applicant. No new information can be submitted during the appeal process. Appeal  submitted after the indicated deadline are not taken into consideration.

  • SCORING MyLIVE applications 

The prerequisite test (Multiple Answer Survey or MAS) is automatically scored with an algorithm taken into account the level of the questions (basic versus advanced), the percentage of good choices, the self-assessment (specialization will be valued by this way) and the time spent to answer good choices (% good choices / time). 

    • Prerequisite test is weighted x2 

Your application will be independently scored by two reviewers that are members of the LIVE Academic Management Board concerning: 

    • Academic qualifications, weighted x3
    • Statement, weighted x2
    • Referee recommendation(s) via institutional emails, weighted x2 

The MAS can be used to filter the 150 applicants who score the highest. The reviewers knows the score of the prerequisite test and the place of this score in the group of eligible applicants (top 5-10-20-30% or 70% and below) at the time of his/her scoring. Finally, LIVE applications will be scored on a scale of 10In addition, it is mandatory that each reviewer justifies scoring and provides a general conclusion. In case the two reviewer scores are very different (SD score >20%), the LIVE Steering Committee (five members) will study the application to provide a third assessment.


Pre-selected applicants will receive a personalized feedback from LIVE administrative coordinator to plan a remote interview that will take place according to the calendar  provided on the LIVE website. The final selection will be then performed by the Academic Management Board (AMB) on the basis of the previous elements: pre-selection weighted x9 and interviews weighted x9, for all applicants.

  • Final selection LISTS
The LIVE Steering Committee will publish: 
    • a main list (best ranked successful applicants with an Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree scholarship) and
    • a reserve list (successful applicants with a Consortium scholarship and successful applicants without scholarships).

Following approval by the EU commission, the final outcome will be confirmed by early date, including awarded Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree scholarships. Successful applicants with an Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree scholarship need to notify (signed letter sent by .pdf to the Consortium) their confirmation of participation according to the calendar provided on the LIVE website.

Self-funded applicants need to notify (signed letter sent by .pdf to the Consortium) their confirmation of participation. Time is left for applicants in the reserve list to decide to join as self-funded students, or to benefit for potential drop-out from main list applicants.

Updated on Aug 15, 2021